Monday, January 9, 2012

Song My Mother Taught Me

| Monday, January 9, 2012 |

By ~ Michael Druck 2008

I never thought I would hear my mother sing again,
yet I heard her in a dream,

as she sang an old Yiddish song,
lovely and serene.

I heard this old Yiddish song
about a time so long ago,
that I, a man, would never see,
or I would never know
about the olden days,
when all they had was love.

That gift from G-d, from up above
and the sharing of that love.

And I sobbed and cried in my dream
as I saw her eyes and tears,
then awakened to find that mine were dry,
as if time has dried the years.

I never thought I would hear her sing again,
much less, a song I never knew.
The tune is gone and escapes me now.

It is as ancient as the Jew.

But if I have my way,
with a blessing from Hashem,
I’ll sit and sing that melody
and have my mother once again.

A Jewish song, an ancient song,
and a time yet back again.