Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The most popular poems’ categories - Know them or miss them.

| Tuesday, January 3, 2012 |

As we have known so far, writing is the best way of expressing what we feel.

People often write to relieve their tension and also to let out their emotions. For people who don’t have good communication skills, wrting is always preferred, and they often use articles, short stories or plays as a way to express their feeling, while some people have more talent in wrting, like composing a poem. Poems are an excellent way of expressing what you feel. People have different perceptions, so the content of their poems may vary. Poems too have several categories and each categorie has unique style. It is poet’s choice what kind of poem will be his or her major. There are lots of poets who stick to their form of writing a experiment with how the write a poem.

Nothing is better than a poet that can compose different type of poems. There’re some most popular kinds of poems that are offered by many poet. The first is ballads, contains one single fable. The next type, often write about one particular person or a thing, is called an ode. Sonnets type has exactly 14 lines that have a certain rhyming scheme to it, while epic is often known as a mythical heroic tale. There are several very important and famous poems that fall in this category. Limerick is offically funny poems of which composer are unknown. It’s often in the shape of a joke and the topic may vary upon the poet’s choice. Epitaph has a tendency be put on the graves of the loved ones. Free verse is particularly popular these days and most of the latest poems are written according to this type. This type of poem has several verses and these are not definite. The poet can break off a line at any point and does so to keep the reader in suspense. Poetry SMS are aslo very much famous these days.

Poems nowadays have so many topics that are written generally. The advantages of them are that the content is easy to understand and the words or ideas are not too complex that may cause confusion


Do not stand at my grave and weep

How did it get so late so soon?

You have brains in your head

Waiting for the fish to bit